Sacramento's Top 5 Best Home Improvement Return on Investments

Dated: November 5 2019

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Home Improvement Project Blueprint: Where to Start

Before knocking down walls and making major changes, consider these guidelines:

Age of home

If you have an older home from the 1950s through the 1980s and you remodel the kitchen and bathrooms, you may get a better return than if you remodeled these in a home that is only a decade old. Also, if your HVAC unit, water heater, furnace, and/or roof is past its life expectancy; you may want to think about having those checked out to be safe.

Appropriate Upgrades

Adding a modern style kitchen in a house that does not match the same style (ex. contemporary, ranch, colonial) may draw too much attention to the fact that the rest of the home needs updating, reducing your chances of making the home valuable to the buyers.

Price of the home

A more expensive home improvement project with fancy finishes will get a bigger return in a higher priced home than in one that is moderately priced. In other words, it's better to not go with high-end appliances or fixtures in a home that does not have the price tag to go with it.

Home Improvement Projects in Sacramento with the Greatest Returns

Here are the top 5 average returns on your investment for completing these valued projects in Sacramento, as provided in Remodeling 2019 Cost vs Value Report (

Project Type

Job Cost

Resale Value

Cost Recouped

Garage Door Replacement




Manufactured Stone Veneer




Grand Entrance – Fiberglass




Siding Replacement





Window Replacement





Home Improvements That Yield A Profit

A garage door replacement tops the list with making about $1.34 with every $1 put in on average. The replacement involves removing and disposing of existing 2 car garage door and tracks, and installing a new four-section garage door on new heavy-duty galvanized steel tracks. With the stone veneers, you could make about $1.12 for every $1 on average. This is removing 300-square-foot continuous band of existing vinyl siding from bottom third of street-facing façade and replacing it with adhered manufactured stone veneer.

What To Look Out For

A few of the home improvements with the lowest return on investment were upscale and midrange master suite addition, an upscale major kitchen remodel, a backyard patio, and an upscale bath remodel. The reason why these have the lowest returns were because of the costs were extremely high to recoup in this market.

When considering which home improvement project to undertake, one should always consider enhancements that anyone can appreciate and deliver the most return. These are typically places within the home that get the most use kitchen, bathroom and entertainment spaces; along with areas that improve the aesthetic quality of the home. Minor midrange kitchen and bathroom remodels could recoup between 75 and 80 percent of the costs.

Consider working with an architect, interior designer, or contractor before you get started to determine the best projects and approach to maximize what you get for what you spend. These professionals may see a way to make changes that can save you time and money that you might not have realized.

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Sacramento's Top 5 Best Home Improvement Return on Investments

Home Improvement Project Blueprint: Where to StartBefore knocking down walls and making major changes, consider these guidelines:Age of homeIf you have an older home from the 1950s through the 1980s

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